v.t. make cardinal; receive (priest) from another diocese.

Dictionary of difficult words. 2015.

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  • incardinate — [in kärd′ n āt΄] vt. incardinated, incardinating [< pp. of ML incardinare: see IN 1 & CARDINAL] R.C.Ch. to attach (a cleric) to a particular diocese incardination n …   English World dictionary

  • incardinate — incardination, n. /in kahr dn ayt /, v.t., incardinated, incardinating. 1. to institute as a cardinal. 2. to institute as chief presbyter or priest in a particular church or place. [1600 10; < ML incardinatus ptp. of incardinare to appoint, to… …   Universalium

  • incardinate — verb a) To raise someone to the rank of cardinal b) To enroll someone as a priest of a particular church See Also: incardination …   Wiktionary

  • incardinate — in·car·di·nate …   English syllables

  • incardinate — /ɪnˈkadəneɪt/ (say in kahduhnayt) verb (t) (incardinated, incardinating) 1. to institute as a cardinal. 2. to institute as chief presbyter, priest, etc., in a particular church or region. {Medieval Latin incardinātus, past participle See… …  

  • incardinate — ə̇nˈkärdənˌāt transitive verb ( ed/ ing/ s) Etymology: Late Latin incardinatus, past participle of incardinare to ordain as chief priest, from Latin in in (II) + Late Latin cardinalis, adjective, principal more at cardinal 1. : to adopt… …   Useful english dictionary

  • ex|car|di|nate — «EHKS KAHR duh nayt», transitive verb, nat|ed, nat|ing. to transfer (a priest, deacon, or other functionary) from a particular church or diocese to another: »The documents state specifically that he was properly excardinated from Baltimore (New… …   Useful english dictionary

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